Wide Eyed


The voice stopped her merriment almost immediately. She should have known better than to think that in such a small area, the two of them would not have crossed paths in the least, and now, here they were, crossing paths on the first day. At first Orihime didn’t understand what was meant by the milk comment, but once she did, she was unable to help the embarrassed flush that crept across her face. Lolys manner of speaking…it was crude and the girl didn’t like it one bit.

She winced at the hand through her hair, and again as she felt the strands being tugged, albit lightly. This girl, this girl with apparent boundary issues, whenever she touched Orihime, whether in malice or a false attempt of kindness, felt like she was mocking the girl. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling. Fun? She didn’t want to have fun with the arrancar. The chances of her idea of fun differing from Orihimes were high. While the red head liked cooking and comedies, Loly probably liked chaos and, well, intimidating the teen girl. She was good at the latter, that part Orihime knew. Way too good.

“Roommates?”Of course, roommates were almost mandatory for this little adventure, and her eyes slid to both beds that framed hers, noting the objects and the thin trails of spiritual pressure that still dropped off of both of them, faint but still strong enough for even her to know the identities of those who were to be her roommates. “U-Ulquiorra-san and…Grimmjow-san…” her voice came, a bit hesitant, a bit surprised but it came none the less and to say that she wasn’t proud that she still retained the ability of speech given her current state of nervousness, uncomfortableness and maybe more than a touch of fear for the girl standing in front of her.

“Those are my roommates.” She continued, not sure why she was still talking, or even why Loly cared who else was going to be using the room. But a thought appeared in Orihimes mind. They were in the world of the living that meant that they were all in gigais, right? That meant that they were all weaker, well, save the ones that didn’t need gigais such as Ichigo and herself. Did that mean that Loly would be less able to abuse her…right? She would probably find out later given the other girls attitude towards her. Maybe…if she stayed in her room more often…but that probably wouldn’t do any good and there was a slim to no chance that her roommates would even bother to help her. Staying out and about, with others was probably the best. Being alone would probably be the worst.

“I-It’s nice to see you…Loly-san…” she said softly, in an attempt at being friendly. “H-how have you been? Are youlooking forward to this? I hope it’ll be fun.” A feeble smile was given to the brunette as she slid further back on the bed in an attempt to put more distance between the two of them.

The hollow instinct that even a gigai could hide, nor control, were running wild with the sense of fear filling the room. The pure untainted discomfort of the human girl ran thick, that Loly could almost taste it. It was a thing of beauty for someone such as the arrancar girl who thrived on humiliating or destroying those weaker than herself. It was in her nature after all. Predatory, and prey was all she knew. From the moment she set her sights on destroying Orihime, the Princess would always be her prey—-regardless of how many times she had escaped her venom. A cruel smile pressed her lips. “I’m really looking forward to everything about this. I think a lot of fun things are going to happen. I just can’t wait.”

Although it was beyond any form of jealous of the play thing that had gotten her beloved Aizen-sama’s attention. Now it was something different, much different, and had been since the moment the self-sacrificing girl had stood to protect, and heal the raven-haired one. A deep seeded hatred arose from that moment that burned with a raging fiery. The idiot, soft hearted girl who should have hated Loly for all the cruel things she had did, had actually tried to save her. It was unacceptable, and she would never forgive the other female for it.

She would show Orihime her place, and would push her down as many times as it took to break the girl. She would shove her down into the dirt, and destroy that smile until there was nothing left of the brightly shining girl. People like the busty teen always pissed her off, the ones who were hopeful fools, optimistic, and crap. Why didn’t they recognize how pathetic, and weak they were? How were they able to continue living knowing they didn’t deserve it? They didn’t fight for survival, so did they get to exist, or live so care-freely?

Loly’s hand balled into a fist at her side, as her temper became to raise. The hand that had been running in faux kindness through the auburn hair, tightened into a fist as well. When she heard the human talk about her roommate, Loly’s eyes widened ever so slightly. “Oh? It figures you’d be stuck in some Espada harem, like a little whore. I won’t which one is going to have you first.”  Ulquiorra she wasn’t scared of, as that stoic emo bat would call her trash a couple times, maybe insult her intelligent, and then go about his business—-but Grimmjow was another story. Grimmjow was pure violence, and like Nnoitra thrived on blood of the ones weaker than them.

Much as she hated to admit it, the pig-tailed girl was much weaker, even though he was in a fake body too, than Grimmjow. Trying not to show her fear, the shorter girl removed her hand from the teen’s hair, and glared. Crossing her arms she turned away, listening to the annoying voice babble. “Save your fake words for someone who would believe that kind of crap. Seeing me was probably the damn thing you wanted, but you should get used to it, because we have such a quite a long time here. The Sexta and Cuatra won’t be around you all the time.” she noticed the girl backing away, and smirked. “There will be plenty of ‘playtime’ for just us.”

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knightofjustice said: I am glad to see you have arrived safely Loly Aivirrne. I expect you will remain on your best behavior for the duration of this event.

Thank you. I’m glad to see that you made it here, okay as well. -bows slightly, and frowns- Of course, Tousen-sama. I will attempt to be a good girl, and not disappoint you.

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Wide Eyed


Excited. She was excited. She was also nervous, stomach doing flips and hands shaking slightly where they held her bag. It was one thing to room with female friends, another to be at a boy girl slumber party for a single night. To board with what was it? 15? 16 other people? The letter was currently shoved into a pocket of the old carpet style bag held between her fingers and Orihime didn’t want to pull it out just yet. Some of the names that had been printed had made her smile, knowing that if they were there then she was bound to enjoy her time there while a small number of others? They had her feeling slightly weary, and were the reasons her hands were shaking. It wasn’t that she was afraid of those few, well, maybe one or two, just…awkward.

She entered the house quietly, not wanting to disturb any who were already inside, and after a moment of turning around where she stood to look at her surroundings with widened eyes she dragged herself off to the bedrooms, eyes sliding from side to side, not knowing where to look first. Everything was so amazing; the house was so large, so different from the small apartment that smelled faintly of her various cooking adventures she called home.

“Uwah!” she exclaimed after turning into an empty room containing three beds. The room was big, well bigger then her own and Orihime dragged her things over to the middle bed, placing her small bag on the bedding and wheeling her suitcase so that it was pressed flat against the foot. She sat down, squealing softly in joy as she bounced up and down a few times before standing up once more and smoothing her hands down the front of her top and swirling skirt, making sure that she wasn’t too ruffled. What else was here?

Kicking off her shoes, leaving her in just her stockinged feet she excited the room, and turning to go down the hall and beyond that in a random direction. How many people were here already? How many had yet to arrive? Were they going to take turns cooking, and if so, when was her turn? The jitters were gone, and the bubble headed  copper haired girl just wanted to explore, a large smile on her face the entire time.

With Aizen-sama being imprisoned, and away from Las Noches; Loly found herself with nothing to do. Day after day she simply sat around bored. Hell, she had even gone so far as to harass the big-tit human girl again, just to liven up her days, but that was all put on hold as sudden orders to participate in some stupid thing called ‘Big Brother’ came around. So now, the tiny arrancar was being forced from her home in Hueco Mundo, being trapped in a giagai, powerless, and dropped off in some remote location in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere of the human world.

This shit was going to be ridiculous, and Loly could already feel her temper rise as she arrived at the house. They had asked her to wear an eye patch to cover the empty socket, and her clothing was some form of weird human things that passed as fashion around here. In  her hands, she held a suitcase, the rest of her crap would arriving later. This was going to be such a drag without Menoly, or Aizen-sama. Hell, she would even take Ichimaru, if it meant being entertained. Huffing a little, the short girl, kicked open the front door.

Storming down the hallways, she went to look for a room, and possibly… just possibly something to make this whole experience worth it. Actually, Loly had plenty of things in mind for her time in this house. A sinister smile crossed her lips as she continued to think of the things she could do. The people who wanted them their had asked for entertainment, and drama. They had no idea what they were asking from her. The arrancar girl was going to turn this place upside down, if she could help it.

Lost in her own thoughts, Loly passed a room, when a flash of auburn hair caught her attention. Turning her single eye on to the girl, a mixed emotion rose within her. It was both thrilling anticipation, and raging dispise. “Oh look. I guess the thought we might need milk so they invited you, Cow-tits.” she dropped her bags in the hallway, and moved into the room toward Orihime. “This is going to be so much fun. Us, living together, 24/7, you sleeping so peacefully.” she snickered, coming to a stop in front of the human girl on the bed.

Reaching out her small hand, she softly touched the girl’s bright copper colored hair. Her fingers ran through the soft strands, tugging lightly. “We’re going to have so much fun together. I hope you have some damn good roommate.” She already assumed that the Cuatra would be rooming with his favorite pet, but they were all powerless in gigais now. He might have been a strong Espada, but now he was a lot less intimidating.

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“Then why are ya blushin’? Aw, come on, Loly, I’m just teasin’ ya. No needt’ get all riled up.” He said chuckling at her statement about not ever seeing a mans private parts. “Don’t ya ever want t’ though?” He teased, drawing out the last word. Now Gin was just messing with the girl.

“I don’t know…I think the Octava would know that there would certainly be…consequences if he ever did that t’ me.” His grin looked mischievous. “Ah, sounds like your describin’ me there.” Come to think of it, when it came to amusement, Szayel and Gin did things in a similar manner. If one found it amusing, most likely they will go through with it. “I wouldn’t doubt he does.” Gin also shuddered, and at the same time curious as to what the pink haired man had on him.

“Uh yeah…what else did ya mean when ya said ‘screw them’? Like…kill ‘em?” Gin asked scratching his head. “I s’pose ya have a point there though.” 

Loly knew he was simply trying to make her uncomfortable, but it didn’t help the pink blush spread across her cheek to go away. No instead it only deepened the color as he continued to speak. “O-Of course not! Why would I ever want to see that!” her voice rose almost to a squeak, and her nose wrinkled in disgust. “I don’t care what any man hand under their clothes! I have one eye, and it doesn’t need to be blinded by sight of perverted things like that.” she flushed more, and looked down at the ground servery pissed at being teased like this, especially by Ichimaru.

There were certain things Loly never understood, and perverted or weird pass times were one of them. The things that amused Gin, and Szayel were beyond her understanding, as she basically only existed in her own mind to serve, and fight for Aizen. Shuddering she imaged the fox-snake ex Shinigami and the pink-haired Espada bonding over some practical joke they view on the security cameras. “I don’t understand why it’s so funny. What twisted enjoyment is there in spying on people?” she muttered out, mostly to herself.

"I didn’t mean to have sex with them!" Even though she probably had no real idea how sex was performed, but had enough information to know she hadn’t meant that. "Kill them, gut them, and all that good stuff. Don’t go…. doing that weird other screw them kinda stuff! YOU DON’T KNOW WHERE THEY’VE BEEN!" she said in a huff.

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The Espada Dolls



“What the shit…..” Loly’s mouth fell open into a look of disbelief. “When did the Espada and Aizen-sama get sex changes?” Suspected Szayel has something to do with this. “Fuck it. Even as a chick, Aizen-sama is still the most beautiful thing. Look at those perfect breasts! and that lovely chestnut colored hair! Mmmm!” Licks her lips staring at the femme!Aizen lustfully.

Nelliel uncharacteristically rolled her eyes as she looked over at Loly obsessing over Aizen yet again. It was really pathetic in her opinion, to be so devoted to one person and for no reason. 

Although she did have to admit Nnoitra did look good as a woman… maybe too good.

“Don’t you have anything better to do with your time Loly?”

"Don’t you know when to shut the hell up llamawhore?" she snapped back, turning to see the busty former Espada. "If you don’t like how I appreciate Aizen-sama then go jump off a cliff and die, or revert back to that pathetic kid form. At least then you were too busy playing in the fucking sand to bother anyone." she crossed her arms and huffed. 

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Twisted Devotion [@Loly]


If Nelliel were a lesser being, someone with no discipline she would have the other Arrancar by the throat for such remarks. Yet she had learned long ago to not be swayed or moved by another persons words. Especially by someone like Loly, as she was the type of person that thrived on breaking someone down to make herself feel better. Again Nelliel felt a sort of pity for the girl.

“I find no shame in what happened to me. I was attacked and deceived by the Quinto and Octava, nothing more and nothing less. It was the only way Nnoitra could get rid of me was to use a trap. Someone like yourself who’s probably never seen a true battle and only lives to please Aizen would never understand what I speak of.” She said quietly, looking down at the other Arrancar.

What came next would not have been expected of the Tercera but she was in a rare mood. Slowly Nelliel let her reiatsu rise to the point where the air around her began to thicken and become suffocating. She knew a weak being like Loly would have trouble standing from being surrounded by this much reiatsu.

“True having a large chest doesn’t make me a woman but neither does having a foul mouth such as yours. Again you’d do wise to watch yourself Loly, Aizen will not protect you from any of us should we choose to kill you.” She said as she continued to let her reiatsu spill out. Her eyes were hard and cold, no compassion to be seen anywhere.

The sicking rise of the former Espada’s reiatsu threatened to suck the air out of the arrancar’s lungs. She balled her fist, injured or not, at her sides, and challenged herself to with stand it. Although she would never be a match for the Trecera, she stubbornly refused to be humiliated. Especially by the llama whore, whom she hated on basic principle. “F-Fuck off!” she managed to stutter, out her legs staking, and trying to buckle beneath the pressure. 

The continuing rise made Loly desperate, and her panic level started to rise. Of course it had to be a bluff because everyone knew how soft the green-haired one was, but it didn’t keep the small arrancar from being crushed by the weight of her power. “Don’t pretend like you know anything about Aizen-sama, or how he favors the loyal.” she gasped out, glaring hatefully at the taller woman.

"Judge me all you want, but at least I know where I stand, and I have some fucking principles unlike you bastard Espada who don’t give a shit about the person who gave you the power you have. Ingrates, everyone single one of you, except the damn Cuatro."

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The Espada Dolls


@w@ yummy

"What the shit….." Loly’s mouth fell open into a look of disbelief. "When did the Espada and Aizen-sama get sex changes?" Suspected Szayel has something to do with this. "Fuck it. Even as a chick, Aizen-sama is still the most beautiful thing. Look at those perfect breasts! and that lovely chestnut colored hair! Mmmm!" Licks her lips staring at the femme!Aizen lustfully.

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Poison of jealousy [@Orihime]

"Well, lookie, lookie. What do we have here?" Loly sneered getting closer to the ginger girl, a sadistic grin spread across her face. The arrancar couldn’t believe that this pathetic human girl was still alive. She remembered painfully well the last time she had seen the busy teen. Of course that meeting had ended with Loly being nearly killed by Yammy, and then thrown out a window only to be saved by the dork Quincy. Which had made a mental note to slit that bastard’s throat later for ruining her arrancar uniform with his stupid homo blue arrow.

Brushing away her unusual hate for the Quincy dork, she focused on the air-headed girl in front of her. “It has been a while.” she reached out, and stroked the human’s cheek. “I hope you haven’t forgotten me, or else I might have to give you a reminder.” she smirked, squeezing Orihime’s face in a threatening way. “I can tell you, I haven’t forgotten about you. Nope. I clearly remember how much you whored yourself for Aizen-sama’s attention. I remember how you thought you could play innocent, and people would take your side.”

She backed the girl into a against a wall, and slammed her hand down beside her head. “I remember too well, and don’t think because you tried to fool me with your crap against Yammy, and Ulquiorra that I would suddenly become your best friend, because I’m not. I still hate your fucking guts.” she moved her finger across Orihime’s mid-section right above the girl’s navel. “And nothing would make me happy than to slaughter you, like the big-tit cow you are” she laugh menacingly. 

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We have selected our Orihime!


We enjoyed the applications we received, and while we cannot pick everyone, we would like to thank all for the effort put into them.

Thank you for your application, fates-red-string. We are happy to welcome you to our RP as our new Orihime!

From today, you will have one week, until August 22 at 11:59 P.M EST, to create the blog for Orihime, and submit it to us.

We have sent you a message via the account you applied with with these details.

Again, thank you to all applicants, and we are looking forward to our new Orihime! :D


A cruel smile pasted itself on her lips as Loly sneered at the most welcomed news. “So the cow-tit princess whore is coming back. I can’t wait, I’m sure our reunion will be more fun than the last time we saw each other. Good work there mods bringing in fresh meat.” A small laugh escaped her as the arrancar waited for the arrival of her favorite punching bag.

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Gin chuckled, “Okay, okay! I got it, ya don’t wanna see…that.” He said putting his hand up for her to stop. “I wasn’t gonna anyway, so why are ya gettin’ all flustered?” He snickered.

“True, true. Szayel did put up a bunch of cameras…and traps, ‘round here. But I doubt he’d show that t’ everyone considerin’ it’s me.” His grin widened. “‘Sides, I wouldn’t let the anon here in Las Noches anyway, for all we know it could be an infiltrator, so I’d just go t’ their place and show ‘em.” He chuckled. “Ah, but, wouldn’t that require me t’ drop my pants?” He questioned with humor.

"I’m not flustered!" she glared as a light pink blush swept across her cheeks. "I just don’t want to see naked parts of you… or anyone for that matter! Is that so wrong?! I’ve been lucky this far in my existence to never lay an eye on a penis, and I want to keep it that way." Unless of course Aizen commanded her otherwise, but that was part of her loyalty to Aizen-sama.

Smirking a bit, she twirled another piece of her hair around the tips of her finger looking very mischievous. “I don’t know, the pink-haired freak’s loyalty isn’t exactly reliable. He does what amuses him at the time, or could from what he could gain personally from. I’m sure that pervert has a whole stack of candid videos of everyone hidden away.” She shuddered thinking about it.

"Wait—-WHAT?! Did you think I mean literally screw them? Eww! Gross! That’s disgusting. You don’t know what kind of super diseases anons can be carrying." Loly cringed trying not to gag.

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